In April of 2007 the Jennifer Ireland Foundation was officially incorporated as a not-for-profit organization.  While carrying on Jennifer's legacy, the foundation is committed to providing financial grants to cancer patients and their families.  Just as the story of Jennifer's courageous battle touched the lives of thousands around the world, this foundation will continue to do the same.

The future is exciting...

The Jennifer Ireland Foundation Inc., established in 2007 in accordance with IRS section 501©3 guidelines, is a not for profit corporation. Our mission is to honor Jennifer’s life and her courageous fight with colon cancer by providing financial grants to cancer patients and their families.

Motivated by this mission, JIF is a unique foundation providing direct support to families.  With a thorough but streamlined application process we are able to provide quick aid in paying those financial obligations that tend to stack up quickly during the toughest of times for families dealing with cancer.  At the same time, we can do it in the name of a woman that has inspired many to embrace life and its many challenges.  Cancer has affected each and every one of us in so many ways, but embracing the positives and supporting those stricken with the disease can boost hope when it is most needed.  

Many organizations fundraise to support efforts in the search for a cure to countless types of cancers.  While we understand and support those efforts, JIF wants to help those families in the thick of the disease fighting each day for the next day with their loved ones.


Jennifer Claire Ireland was diagnosed with colon cancer in December of 2005 at the age of 26. As a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters, Emma (2 Years) and Peighton (9 months), there was no choice in her mind but to take the diagnosis and subsequent treatments in stride. Jennifer faced dozens of chemotherapy treatments, several major surgeries, and the numerous rigors cancer patients endure with dignity and grace. Many found it almost unbelievable that this gorgeous young woman was battling for her life. Sadly, the disease became too much for her body to handle and on February 4th, 2007 Jennifer passed away.


Amidst the aggressive treatments and caring for their family, Jennifer and husband Chris often reflected on how fortunate they were. Surrounded by friends and family, there was never a shortage of babysitters, caretakers, house cleaners, etc. Although the surgeries and treatments were requiring out-of-state travel, finances were always manageable. For these reasons and an empathetic desire to help those less fortunate, the Ireland family made plans for a foundation whose mission would be to help families facing similar circumstances.




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