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Grant Application

The Jennifer Ireland Foundation currently accepts applications from families residing in the states of Missouri and Kansas.


Below are the Criteria for Applicants:

*  Funding will aid families affected by cancer with dependent children under the age of 23

*  Applicant must live in the United States

*  Applicant needs to provide letter of diagnosis from Physician

*  Applicant must either be undergoing active treatment or undergone active treatment for cancer by an established oncologist within the last 12 months

*  Applicant needs to be able to provide current bank statement if requested

*  Applicant needs to provide Certificate of Coverage of Insurance if requested

*  Applicant needs to show documented financial needs in paying medical expenses associated with treatment

*  Applicant must fill out required application in its entirety

*  Each application will be screened by our Director of Financial Aid and approved by the Board of Directors 

*  Patients will be notified by correspondence from the Board regarding the decision of their application

*  If the grant is approved, a financial agreement will be written and signed by both parties.  At that time, an Explanation of Benefits and itemized bills will be requested

*  The J. I. Foundation will directly pay bills

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